UjENA Size Assurance


UjENA is the only swimwear company to offer Size Assurance.
We know how important it is to be wearing a bikini that looks great on you. If you lose or gain 10 pounds your bikini will not fit the same.

Instead of trying to make it work, you can now return it to UjENA within a year of purchase and we will replace it with a new size, at NO COST to you.
Here at UjENA we know that a woman's body can change during the year. The five most common reasons are:
1. Weight loss or gain.
2. Increase or decreases in exercise.
3. Use of birth control pills.
4. Pregnancy and nursing.
5. Breast augmentation and reduction surgeries.
Statistics show that women's breasts will likely change in size and shape six times over the course of your lifetime. Waistlines change at least that many times too. Regardless of size, we all want to feel and look good.
This is why UjENA launched "Size Assurance." For a small fee you can you can now be assured your UjENA bikini or one-piece will fit you all year long.
Here is how it works:
Today you want to buy a bikini but you know that in a few months you are going to be a different size than you are right now. What do you do? At UjENA.com exclusively you can purchase "Size Assurance" when ordering.
You can now return the top, bottom or one-piece at any time up to one year from date of purchase for a different size of the same item. You don't have to keep on hang tags or be concerned about the condition of your suit. Just return it with your invoice along with $5.95 to cover shipping and handling and we will replace the same style as long as it is a different size. No questions asked.
If by some chance the style is no longer available, we will choose another similar style for you OR offer you merchandise credit for the price you paid (not including the Size Assurance fee) for another item.
Starting at Only $6.00 for a Bikini Top or Bottom
The cost of Size Assurance is $6.00 per top or bottom $44.50 or less and $12.00 for one-pieces that are $89 or less. $8.00 per top or bottom and $16.00 for one-piece suits $90 or more. Size Assurance is being offered on most new styles and other selected items. "This is a unique program developed here at UjENA. Already thousands of customers have purchase Size Assurance," says UjENA's Head Designer Catherine Cross.
The program is exclusively available at UjENA.com. Simply check the box next to the item and size when ordering. It is as easy as that. If by some chance you do not order the right size from the beginning, you can do a regular exchange and your Size Assurance plan will be transferred to the new size of the same style.
Size Assurance is a Ujena Exclusive
UjENA has been designing and manufacturing swimwear since 1984. UjENA offers more styles of swimwear than any other company in the world. UjENA.com was launched in 1995 and was one of the first internet sites to offer swimwear. "Size Assurance" is yet another innovative idea from this Mountain View, California based family owned company.
Size Assurance has no cash value, is not refundable and is not transferable.